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Suzuki Alto Upcoming Model in Pakistan Review

Hello guys, today we bring you the detailed review of Suzuki Alto 660cc the upcoming model in Pakistan expected to be released in mid 2017. The front side of the Alto is very unusual, it has big head lights and there is not separate grill which normally cars have. The air vents are also few. Overall the front side of the car looks very flat.alto

Flat looking Front Side of Alto 660cc

Alto’s  distinctive look is a one thing, the car has unique aerodynamics. It does not have the curves and looks which normally hatchbacks have. Today manufacturers put a lot of effort to make the car fuel efficient and aerodynamics plays a major role in making a car more fuel efficient.

alto11-2 alto12-2

The car has 13″ wheels which in these pictures can be seen that are alloy wheels. However the actual model which will come out next year may not have the same. Traditional steel wheels are expected to come builtin with the hatchback.

alto13-2 alto14-2

The front of the Alto is unusual but here you can see that the rare side of the vehicle. The back side of the car also has a unique and unconventional design and looks. The rear wind screen wiper is available only in Japenes model and it is unconfirmed that in local made Alto it would be included or not.


There is a huge and flat back rear door and amazingly there are no tale lights at the back door which are normally placed in the middle of the back side which can be more visible to the driver coming after you. The tale lights of Alto are placed very low which looks and the driver following you might have difficulty to see when you are breaking if he is at short distance.


The trunk of the car is not very large like other Japaneses cars have usually. This is possibly because of the leg room provided to the back passengers. It might not be a big concern to most of the people.


Under the hood there is a 660cc engine which is more fuel efficient than other cars like 800cc Mehran. The car gives the average of 18-20 KM per Liter depends on the traffic. However the local model may have different fuel average, for this we shall have to wait.

Here are some more picture for a good overall view especially inside the car. If you like the review please like and share.

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