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Pakistan to Export Vehicles

Pakistan to Export Vehicles

Pakistan to Export Vehicles to other Countries

PM IK has said that Pakistan to export vehicles to other countries. During his address at Lahore’s JW Forland Manufacturing Plant, he said that the plant would roll out vehicles totally manufactured in Pakistan, with even their spares being manufactured in Pakistan.

During his address to the ceremony on Sunday, the Prime Minister Premier lauded homeowners Faisal and Javed Afridi, of JW Forland Pakistan, proactive efforts to invest in the company for expanding the factory’s operations of JW Forland.

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Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan further added that a number of Eight thousand workers already working in the factory today but in future, it’ll give jobs to forty thousand more people.

Pakistan has had only Assembling Plants so far, but this time a complete production line which will build complete cars along with their parts in Pakistan.

Pakistan not only will now only produce vehicles for Pakistani Market but also the International market. Pakistan will sooner become an automotive exporting country.

Prime Minister Imran Khan has further said that he is hoping JW Forland to start production of their own electric cars that will help to resolve the pollution crises of Lahore.

Pakistan’s automobile market is growing rapidly which is a very good sign for users in Pakistan.


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